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Glass tends to be highly fragile and you need a company that can act quickly when it breaks. Window Medics has been in the industry for over a decade and is at the forefront of the glass repair and replacement industry. Whether residential or commercial, we provide glass for both windows and doors. The professionals here, after years of training, have gained an immaculate ability to replace or install glass within the quickest turnaround time.



Single Pane
Single Pane Image
Premium Quality Single Pane Glass for Windows
Double Pane
Double Pane Image
Staying Comfortable and Green With Double Pane Glass
Triple Pane
Triple Pane Image
Wide Array of Glass Options for Triple Pane Glass.
Shower Glass Enclosures
Shower Glass Enclosures Image
High quality Framed Shower Glass enclosures

Different Glass Options
We have a few glass options and configuration to pick from including single pane, double pane, and triple pane. You can choose from clear glass or LowE argon for better energy performance. All the glass are manufactured and assemble from high-quality material that ensures proper insulation within the house. We also deal in shower glass and bathroom enclosures, designed to enhance the d├ęcor of your bathroom. We also offer customized glass replacement solutions. You can choose to keep your shower glass either framed or frameless. we also provide various other options in glass color including ultra-white, satin deco, and tinted, among others.
Perfect Insulation
The double pane glass available at Window Medics is the perfect example of an efficient window. The distance between two panes in the glass is kept strictly between 0.5 to 1 inch and the void is filled with krypton, argon that administers supreme insulation and maintains an optimum all round temperature throughout the house. Since, our glass maintain the temperature level regardless of the outside weather; they are perfect for keeping the house warm during winters and cool during summers.
In addition to this, our glass also bear the trait of minimizing outside noise so that you are at peace throughout the day and night. The triple pane glass available at Window Medics blocks as much as 95% of UV rays and guards your house with thermal protection, keeping energy bills at an all-time minimum.
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