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If you have foggy windows it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to rip them out and replace them. Our foggy window repair service can give your windows a new lease of life and extend their lifespan by up to twenty years.

Foggy windows are caused by a phenomenon known as solar pumping. Your windows are not fully hermetically sealed if they were they would explode when the sun heats them up!

During the day, sunlight heats the space in between the two (or three) panes of glass in your window which causes pressure to build up in the void. Tiny amounts of air are forced out through the semi-permanent seal.

In the evening the window begins to cool and this causes low pressure within the window which results in the opposite effect. Air is drawn back in from outside. This air naturally contains tiny amounts of moisture which is absorbed by the silica dessicant in the window cavity. Over a period of years this cycle of solar pumping will mean that eventually the silica dessicant will have absorbed all the moisture it can since it has become fullly saturated.

Now there is nowhere else for the moisture to go, so it starts building up on the glass inside the void creating the foggy effect

Windows are actually designed with a certain lifespan in mind, since you don’t want exploding windows. Eventually ALL thermal windows will fail. How long the process takes is dependent upon the quality of the silica dessicant used within the spacer bar.

Once fogging occurs the damage will only get worse. More and more moisture builds up reducing the insulating property of the window and will eventually damage the glass. At this point you will usually need to replace the glass or the complete window.

You need to call Window Medics as soon as you experience any fogging. The two main purposes of a window are to let in natural light and to enable you to see out. When the window fogs it may not seriously affect the light coming in, but it will considerably reduce your ability to see through it.

Fortunately, we have the latest equipment to deal with window fogging, and our foggy window repair service can completely restore the thermal efficiency of your window enabling you to take full advantage of the energy savings which you can enjoy once again. Your property will be restored to its former glory and you will be able to see outside.

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Defog your Windows at up to 70% less then replacement cost

At Window Medics, we ensure that you see out your window. We undertake effective defogging procedures that aim towards restoring glass clarity without replacing the window. Our foggy window repair service is designed to enhance your windows’ lifespan by up to 20 years.



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Harms Caused by fogged windows
After extensive research, Window Medics came to the conclusion that a foggy window effects the energy efficiency of a window. We recommend that as soon you see signs of moisture in your windows to call us immediately to avert the risk of the minerals in the water to stain the glass. Once the glass has been stained with white streaks we have to replace the glass unit.

Owners of the Technology
One of the major reasons why Window Medics supersedes any other defogging company in the marketplace is that we are the original inventor of the process and use technologically advanced defogging tools. Our window defogging services helps improve insulation while saving money from having to replace the window.

Large Customer Base
Our defogging services extend to both commercial and residential. We have restored over a million windows across Canada and the U.S. Our team of efficient technicians can handle any job size.
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If you are faced with the issue of foggy windows, it is about time you let us heal your window panes. Call us now at 404-998-5050 or send us an email to atlanta@windowmedics.com.


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Need Glass Repair? We Come To The Rescue While Saving You Up To 50%!

Glass tends to be highly fragile and you need a company that can act quickly when it breaks. Window Medics has been in the industry for over a decade and is at the forefront of the glass repair and replacement industry. Whether residential or commercial, we provide glass for both windows and doors. The professionals here, after years of training, have gained an immaculate ability to replace or install glass within the quickest turnaround time.

Single Pane
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Premium Quality Single Pane Glass for Windows
Double Pane
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Staying Comfortable and Green With Double Pane Glass
Triple Pane
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Wide Array of Glass Options for Triple Pane Glass.
Shower Glass Enclosures
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High quality Framed Shower Glass enclosures

Different Glass Options
We have a few glass options and configuration to pick from including single pane, double pane, and triple pane. You can choose from clear glass or LowE argon for better energy performance. All the glass are manufactured and assemble from high-quality material that ensures proper insulation within the house. We also deal in shower glass and bathroom enclosures, designed to enhance the décor of your bathroom. We also offer customized glass replacement solutions. You can choose to keep your shower glass either framed or frameless. we also provide various other options in glass color including ultra-white, satin deco, and tinted, among others.
Perfect Insulation
The double pane glass available at Window Medics is the perfect example of an efficient window. The distance between two panes in the glass is kept strictly between 0.5 to 1 inch and the void is filled with krypton, argon that administers supreme insulation and maintains an optimum all round temperature throughout the house. Since, our glass maintain the temperature level regardless of the outside weather; they are perfect for keeping the house warm during winters and cool during summers.
In addition to this, our glass also bear the trait of minimizing outside noise so that you are at peace throughout the day and night. The triple pane glass available at Window Medics blocks as much as 95% of UV rays and guards your house with thermal protection, keeping energy bills at an all-time minimum.
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Call us now at 404-998-5050 for your glass repair or replacement specifications or send us an email to atlanta@windowmedics.com.

Our Testimonials

“Henry did an amazing job repairing my foggy windows. He was quick and seemed very focused. I knew I had hired the right person. Great experience!”

~ Josh L.

“Window Medics did a fabulous job for us. The whole team worked very efficiently and meticulously. After the defogging was done, they cleaned the mess and left the place tidy. I know I will be contacting them in case the need arises.”

~ Jamie Jackson

“Professional, on time, & excellent quality work. As a home owner, I couldn’t ask for more. I would like to thank Ben for doing such a great job. Thanks again.”

~ James N.

“One of the best! Very professional and fair with the price. Thank you for such a great service. I would happily recommend them to anyone looking for window defogging service.”

~ S. Williams

“They charged exactly what was quoted. My windows look clear and a lot better now. I would definitely choose them again. Great service!”

~ Richard P.

“Excellent window defogging service! Great people and great job. The professionals showed up on time and explained the whole installation process. Well done guys!”

~ Jose Klar

“Extremely happy with the overall service. The entire team was very understanding and seemed focused to their job. Highly recommended to anyone looking for quality defogging services at a reasonable price!”

~ James Gardner

“The team arrived right on time. Very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. They answered all my questions patiently. Very satisfied with the overall service. Thank you!”

~ J. Michaell

“Windows they defogged are clear now and look a lot better. Great job, was on time and price was same as quoted.”

~ Roger Maxwell

“Totally professional and works with the high standards. Fair-pricing and excellent work done.”

~ Danny Cooper

“Their team showed up at the scheduled time and provided a thorough explanation on exactly what they were doing. The quality of defogging service was excellent. The installers definitely met our needs. I would recommend them to anyone who needs window defogging service.”

~ Miley Godwin

“Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable team. Excellent work. Our windows look clear and new. Strongly-recommended!”

~ Ben Stuart

“Mathew did an amazing job. The defogging service made our windows look as good as new. Installers were professional and accomplished the work in a short time. Great work done.”

~ Jon Keith

“Excellent work. It was really nice to have our 15 years old foggy windows repaired by such a professional team.”

~ Peter J.

“They were very professional, knowledgeable and fair with the price. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality window defogging service.”

~ John Marley

“Jacob did an amazing job defogging our windows. He charged exactly what was quoted. The windows are clear now and look a lot better! I would be happy to recommend him to anyone who wants this kind of work done.”

~ Bryn Stewart

“Jason and his team were very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with. They were able to work around my busy schedule to do the job. My windows look as good as new. Couldn’t be happier!”

~ Jessica Marcus

“Great service from Window Medics from start to finish. The installers arrived on time, were quick and efficient, and cleaned up the entire mess after the work was done. Definitely recommended!”

~ Annie Stout

“Reasonable, quick, and professional. Would highly recommend.”

~ Anne Stout

“Excellent service both from Theo and Michael. Wish you guys much success. This kind of responsive window repair service is very useful.”

~ Bob Mountz

“Arrived when they said they would. Very professional, answered questions I asked in a friendly manner. Great job”

~ Sharon Barton

“Your worker was on time, personable and very efficient. . thank you.”

~ Diane Wertz

“They are responsive, courteous, honest, and the quality of work is excellent.”

~ Brian McGuire

“good job good people”

~ Ron Rickards

“Kevin was very nice, quick and professional. Not to mention very resonable”

~ Ruth Bonde

“Very efficient, professional fast and focused and right on the spot.”

~ Mara D’amrosi

“Jason did an excellent job, was very professional, and was very nice to us.”

~ Harold Graff

“They were easy to work with, well-informed, the estimate was well-written & clear, they arrived on time, were very pleasant, were respectful of our home, answered all our questions, worked efficiently without rushing through the job, cleaned up perfectly, and forwarded the updated & finalized invoice that very afternoon. Could it get any better?!”

~ Russell Fox

“Theo did a very professional job; he was courteous, efficient and friendly, as well as on time.”

~ Paul Hricik

“The installers were very efficient and timely !
They are experts!”

~ Lilly Aguiler

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